By Eric Wicklund, mHealthIntelligence

As healthcare providers embrace new telehealth and mHealth services to address the Coronavirus pandemic, they should remember one thing: Capture and store all the data.

Federal and state agencies are revising guidelines and reducing barriers to connected health at a dizzying pace, giving providers the opportunity to try things they’ve hesitated to try before. But these new freedoms will only last as long as the emergency, and experts worry that the telehealth wave will wane if the momentum isn’t maintained.

“We’re all dealing with what’s directly in front of us right now,” says Thomas B. Ferrante, senior counsel with the national law firm of Foley & Lardner, one of the top telehealth firms in the legal landscape. “But when (the pandemic) is contained, will all of this suddenly, abruptly stop?”

“It just can’t stop in one day,” he adds. “There has to be some sort of transition period.”

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