Get the Facts

Teledentistry expands access to affordable orthodontic care options, making it possible for all Californians to obtain a straighter smile.

“Teledentistry has helped to break down barriers by bringing more affordable options for dental care and teeth straightening into the homes of Californians, particularly in communities that have lacked these options in the past.”

– Salena Pryor, Black Small Business Association of California

Telehealth Benefits for Oral Health

  • Increases Affordability: Oral care via telehealth offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment – making it possible for more people to afford expert oral care.
  • Increases Accessibility: Oral care via telehealth expands orthodontic care to millions of Californians – including those who would otherwise lack the ability to receive expert oral care due to location, high costs, limited transportation, or schedule issues. 
  • Improves Quality of Life: Oral care via telehealth improves Californians quality of life – taking orthodontic care from a service held in the hands of few to a benefit available to many.
  • Improves Health Outcomes: Telehealth practices like clear aligner therapy helps decrease exposure to harmful radiation – allowing patients to limit exposure whenever possible.