Get the Facts

Teledentistry is the use of technology to communicate patient information, imaging and treatment options through interactive audio, video and data-sharing platforms. It is an innovative tool used to practice professional dentistry, expand access to care and reduce cost.

Teledentistry Benefits

  • Increases Affordability: Teledentistry care costs less than traditional dental care therefore widening the health care cost curve making it possible for more people to afford expert oral care

  • Expands Access to Care: Teledentistry expands access to care for millions of people that cannot travel to traditional dentist and orthodontal appointments due to lack of public transportation options and other factors.

  • Improves Overall Health Outcomes: Dental hygiene also improves overall health. Those with crooked, rotting or discolored teeth are less likely to practice good oral hygiene which is directly linked to good overall health. Teledentistry also decreases exposure to harmful radiation.

Legislation to Watch

OPPOSE: AB 1998: Dental Practice Act (Assemblyman Low)

The Coalition for Affordable Dental Access opposes AB 1998 because the bill would suppress healthcare innovation at a time when expanding access to alternative methods of care is a priority. AB 1998 creates unnecessary barriers to care for people who are currently priced out of getting the care and treatments they desire.  If AB 1998 passes, it will significantly increase costs to care through teledentistry.