Affordable Dental Care for All Californians

We Need More Access to Dental Care — Not Less.
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“The lack of access to affordable dental care is often a barrier to getting jobs, and improved oral health can increase confidence in daily life. For many, teledentistry innovations break down some of those racial and economic barriers. It can create a more affordable and approachable opportunity to access dental care services, such as teeth straightening, that can make a significant difference in an individual’s life.”

– Alice Huffman, NAACP California

Our Mission

The Coalition for Affordable Dental Access advocates for increased access to affordable oral care via telehealth platforms. We support expanding avenues to care so that more Californians have access to affordable, high-quality oral care.

Teledentistry encourages good dental hygiene which leads to higher overall health outcomes and an improved quality of life. The Coalition for Affordable Dental Access opposes any legislation that adds unnecessary barriers to accessible dental care. 

This is why we oppose any policy that attempts to:

Increase costs for Californians to access oral care via telehealth.

Take away CA licensed dentists’ clinical judgment when using teledentistry to straighten teeth.

Expose patients to unwarranted, unnecessary, and harmful radiographs that have been directly linked to causing brain, thyroid, and meningioma cancer

Create barriers for disadvantaged communities to access oral care via telehealth with less accessibility and increased costs.

Join leaders across California advocating to increase access to affordable dental care to all Californians:

American TeleDentistry Association

Black Chamber of Commerce

Black Small Business Association

Brotherhood Crusade


Compton Latino Chamber

Greater Sacramento Urban League

Latin Business Association

National Asian American Coalition

National Diversity Coalition


Urban Ministries, Inc.

Urban Outreach Foundation

The Latino Coalition

Asian Resources Inc

League of United Latin American Citizens – California

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